Friday, September 3, 2010

True Confession

I hate to admit that I am at times shallow. But I am. Sometimes it is all about the packaging. Take this wine bottle as an example. Yes, I like blush and rose wines. But that's not why I bought this (for me) rather expensive bottle of Sophia Rose. I bought it because it was pretty. I was immediately drawn to the elegant lines, the lovely, feminine little label, and it's original color was very captivating. Once it was emptied, I was still taken with it and couldn't throw it away too quickly. I filled it with water, tinted to replicate the color of the original contents, and set it on a shelf in my kitchen where I could admire it.

Today I was ready to part with it. I drained the now faded contents and placed the bottle in the recycling. But be warned, put something in a lovely tin, or make it look old, or perhaps Victorian, or just make it elegant and clean in form, and I will be drawn to it like a bee to a flower. Does that make me shallow?

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Valerie said...

It would be a sad day that G-d didn't want us to enjoy simple pleasures and beauty where it can be found.