Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tie One On!

I grew up hanging laundry out to dry. I enjoy the process, love to save the wear and tear on my clothes, enjoy saving money and using less energy, and mostly I love that fresh from the line scent. But while I grew up using the "hang on the line" style clothespin bag, I have become a real fan of the clothespin apron. No matter what part of the line you walk to, you have your pins handily in a pocket right in front of you.

I've been working up a new design for an apron and I finished it last night. I'm really pleased with the outcome. I have a purchased clothespin apron which has served its purpose but never thrilled me. I always believed I could design one that worked better. And I finally have. I was motivated by making one for Stephanie who finally has a clothesline for her laundry.

No more pockets that gap open too far and allow clothespins to spill. No more saggy, sleazy fabric. This baby is designed to last and be attractive.

I didn't realize that this picture would have a blinding ray of sun in it, but it's too late to take another as the apron is already on it's way east thanks to the US Post Office. But here you can see the pleated pockets with button closure. I love this hydrangea print!

Want to make your own? I have the directions right here.

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Valerie said...

The last time Feedjit will show a visit from Thane, Maharashtra...
less than 12 hours and we'll be in the air.
Packed? mostly
Managed to include everything I wanted since I was able to add 2 more suitcases? nope.
Looking forward to trying out Steph's apron! And happily, I didn't have to discard too many underwear or shoes to keep the fabric, so we can make another 1 or 2 to coordinate with whether we're hanging a dark, whites, or brights load (but it looks like brights are covered... ;-) ).
Love you!