Saturday, April 21, 2018

Ready for the Greening

After a winter that has lingered and loitered, we are getting antsy for spring to come to us in earnest. It was still snowing this past week - even creating light accumulations. But today dawned bright and clear and though the temps were in the 50's the sun made it seem warmer.

Caleb and the kitties found some daffodils getting ready to bloom. Even without blooming, their green makes a lovely splash of color in an otherwise brown world. Without his bright scarf and Duey's white markings, the pets would all but disappear into the browns and greys of leaves, stones and branches. The winter is leaving but spring hasn't taken its place yet and so we wait for the greening with hopeful hearts.

We prepared a raised bed to receive seeds for radish, salad greens, onions starts and sweet peas. I can't wait to put fresh veggies on the table!

The chickens have been enjoying the fresh air and scratching for their lunch but I'm sure they are as eager to eat fresh greens as we are. After suffering the loss of Foghorn, the rooster, to a neighbor's dogs we are in the market for a new leader and protector for our girls. They continue to lay delicious eggs but more than once we have been grateful for a rooster to guard and protect them. He was doing that very thing when he met his end and thanks to him we didn't lose a hen that day. Or the day he wrestled with a fox. He was very good at his job.

And now the bed is ready for the hoop top we will build to protect from frost, chickens, and curious cats. We'll get our hands in the dirt along with some seeds and wait for the miracle of new life to unfold. Spring brings so much hope to us here on the homestead!