Thursday, September 23, 2010

Signs of the Times - #6

Tonight we had the first fire of the season. Our chimney liner, installed this summer, works great. Even with winds gusting at 40-60 mph outside, the fire burned sure and steady. It was nice to warm my feet while munching on a bowl of popcorn.

And while we were out for a visit to the museum today, we stopped for our annual supply of green chilis. Each September tents and stands pop up all around Denver with hot peppers for sale and they roast them while you wait. Oh, the heavenly aroma! We only bought one gunny sack this year (that's about 2.5 bushels). We usually buy two but we didn't know if we'd have the freezer space since we've still got a lot of beef from our quarter. Then they dump them into a big roaster that looks like an industrial bingo tumbler. They fire up 6-8 super hot propane burners and crank the barrel around. In 10 minutes or so you've got steaming, roasted peppers. Then they are dumped out into a large plastic bag and you take them home. You can bet the car smelled great. Kent went to work bagging them, one pound or a little moore to each quart freezer bag, for a total of 21 bags. We'll use these for the next year to make fabulous burritos and breakfasts. Do they have these kind of roadside stands in Pennsylvania?


Persuaded said...

I've never even heard of roadside pepper stands! They sound simply marvy though. We just have the usual sorts of produce stands here... corn, tomatoes, zucchini. Oh and pumpkin! My favorite is the stands right about now with all of the wonderful things for fall.

I ♥ Fall. :-D

Kristine said...

Oh, I know the ones you mean, Diane. I sorely miss them, too. I can't wait to get back east and get me some produce from the roadside. See, we must be sisters or something, another thing we agree on - fall has always been my favorite season.