Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Squashed Dreams

I harvested the first of our squash today. It was so large that I put it in an old shopping cart to get it into the house.

There are several more that are nearly ready. The tomatoes, all three, are coming along. I can see the stripes starting on the Zebra tomato. There are even a few cucumbers coming on now that the days are getting a bit cooler. And the beans that seemed dead and gone? Two of the Contenders are now growing like weeds. They stand abouot 10 inches high and one is in bloom. Two of the Striped Annelino Bush Beans have also risen from the dead and are about half as large as the Contender bushes. We may get more beans yet.

So you're thinking something didn't look right about my squash? Were they just too huge? Ok, so that was a little tricky of me. They might be a tad smaller than that photo makes them appear.

Kent is such a good sport.