Friday, September 3, 2010

Criminal Activity

Yesterday I had to go to town to see the dentist. Since I was there, I decided to stop at my favorite store, ECHO Resale. That's short for Evergreen Christian Outreach. It's a large and well managed thrift store. I went in looking for a sweater for my niece, who probably will be wanting some warmer clothes when she arrives from India, and a Foreman-style grill to replace mine which is losing it's nonstick coating (hopefully not on our food).

I came out with:

1. Two skirts for $1 each. One is an Eddie Bauer that looks like new.

2. A waffle iron for Stephanie. It's nearly a match for my grandmother's, which I still use and I knew Steph would be thrilled to have an old fashioned one for whipping up Grandma's "Oh Boy, Waffles" recipe.

3. A lovely hardbound book of pincushions to make. 93 of the most unusual and striking pincushions!

4. A yard of cream colored fleece to add to my puppet project for 75 cents.

5. A cute retro apron which appears to be handmade. It's white with a purple donkey hand appliqued and a basket of embroidered flowers is on it's back. Super cute.

6. The STEAL of the day (are you ready for this, Diane? I have a feeling you'll appreciate these as much as I do)

This is where the criminal activity comes in. I paid just $1.50 each for these gorgeous battenburg lace napkins. They are on the finest of linen and appear to be hand-stitched and have a tatted lace edge that is so delicate and beautiful.

There isn't a stain or tear in them. There is one-half inch of lace edging loose on one of them and on another there is a spot where the battenburg cutout needs stitched to prevent fraying. Other than that, they are in pristine condition. Oh, and did I mention that these are no small matter? I didn't measure but I would say each napking is at least 18x18 inches. I was tickled pink!

And no. I didn't find a sweater or a grill.


Valerie said...

If you didn't want to risk staining them as napkins, those would make gorgeous head coverings...
Is that rose cut out part on 1 corner of each or on multiple corners?
Whatever you do with them, this is truly a fab find!
(and thanks for thinking of me on the sweater front!)

Kristine said...

LOL, I thought of that, too! The rose is only on one corner. I even thought I could maybe artfully fold one over a piece of ribbon and try it to see what I thought. they are just so gorgeous! My other thought was that it would be nice, when I'm where I've got friends to come to tea, that I could set out my pretties and treat my friends and family to a dainty tea from time to time.

Persuaded said...

Ohhhhhh Kristinnnnnnee...... (hear me groaning?) How did I miss seeing these before?? I'm actually catching up on reading some of your posts, I've missed and here you are torturing me with these. They are absolutely beautiful♥ And to piggyback on what Valerie said, I am actually experimenting with making over some type of linens (napkins, dresser scarves, etc) into headcoverings. I'll let you know how it goes!