Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bounty of Summer

We are certainly enjoying the bounty of summer. Lots of salads, vegetables and fruits. Mmmhmm!

And today we made 20 pounds of homegrown (though not our home) tomatoes into Mom's home-canned tomato soup.

And we put 3 pounds of strawberries, 1 pounds of mushrooms, and about 3/4 pounds of blueberries in the dehydrator to enjoy later.

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Persuaded said...

Ooh, I'd love your recipe for homemade tomato soup! The only tomato soup I've evr had is the plain old fashioned factory-canned kind... well, I haven't actually ever had it as it's so repulsive, I've never been able to actually eat any (in spite of the name of my blog, lol)

I am envious of your dehydrator;-/