Friday, September 17, 2010

Makin' Wookie

So last night Kent shared a URL with me from his web browsing. It was a short bit about making cookies with a waffle iron. Hmmm, small batch cookies, made quickly and with less energy? Keep talking.

So I read through and got the idea. Then I found a basic recipe and tore it apart and put it back together again as my own. My goal was to make a cookie that was a healthy treat - or as healthy as a bit of sweet can be.

To that end, let me present to you my recipe for Oatmeal Raisin Wookies (Waffle cOOKIES)

I went from walking into the kitchen to having two dozen cookies and cleanup complete in just 30 minutes.

Isn't this a great waffle iron? It was my grandmother's. I usually use it to make "Oh Boy, Waffles!" - a recipe from her very old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

The vote came in. Kathy, Kent and I all give them a thumbs ups!


Valerie said...

How's that flat rate shipping box coming for Steph's iron? You can't post things like this with us knowing there's an iron out there somewhere with her name on it that we can't get our hands on! Have some compassion!
But at least now we have the recipe ready for the moment my mom walks through the door and gets it out of her suitcase (that IS the plan, right?!?)
"Hi Mom! Here, play with Sam. Were going to go make wookies..."

Kristine said...

I doubt you can talk your mom into fitting an old fashioned waffle iron in her carry on. Besides, shouldn't you be doing more important things, like updating your blog? Sharing pictures with us? We can make them together during our November visit. I sure hope I remember to pack it in the car... :)