Monday, September 27, 2010

Our House, is a Very, Very, Very Fine House

with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard... now everything is easy 'cause of you.

Ok, maybe it's not easy, but it's coming along really well. We still need to finish painting the deck and railings and get the new roof on. Soon. Soon. That will be accomplished.

Here's before

During (so that you can appreciate Kent's hard work)

And after

Oh, and then a new walkway and gutters. Yeah, that's it. I think. And of course we still have the barn/greenhouse to paint. I do believe we'll beat the snow!

1 comment:

Persuaded said...

That looks right fine, girlie! My poor house is so badly in need of a painting.. the trim is actually peeling down to the bare wood in places:-{

I just pretend it looks rustic. Or primitive. Or better yet, vintage-y!

And, oh my... I used to love that song. I had the 45 and used to play it on (nearly endless) repeat, thereby driving my poor brother simply mad.
Precious memories, how they linger... ;-}