Friday, September 17, 2010

Hanging Out at the Park, Colorado Style

Looks like a movie scene, doesn't it? I took this out the window of our car as we were going from the veterinarian to the library. Technically this isn't a park, it's an open space. There are lots of them here set aside for the enjoyment of the residents. Usually encompassing countless acres and great views. You can walk, run, hike, bike, and horseback ride.

And thus begins another shotgun blog post series. I'm sorry I've been MIA. We've been pushing hard on the house projects. With Kent's help and supervision, I undertook to frame the downstairs outside windows. We've power washed the house and outbuildings. We've prepped and caulked and made ready to paint. And today the painting itself began. In my free time I've also helped my sister move furniture and paint as she readies her house for market. I can't believe how much we've managed to get done. Looks like a roofer will start that project in about 10 days. I don't know what we'll do with ourselves when all the big projects are wrapped up.

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