Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time to Craft

So over at Lollychops, the lovely Lolly has been creating more amazing and beautiful crafts. I got so inspired I decided to try my hand at her recipe book but I had to work with what I had. I didn't have a book. Yet. But I had a very plain wall clock. It looked something like this:

My finished project is nowhere near as nice as anything Lolly does but it was fun to play around and fail. I like the saying, "To live the creative life we must first lose our fear of failure." I had a lot of fun, got a lot of glitter and paint all over. And my clock is definitely more colorful now. Although the colors in my photo aren't quite the same as real life. I'm not sure why they aren't truer.

After disassembling the clock, I used the paint sponging technique on the frame of the clock. I made lots of butterflies with a couple of different techniques. I stamped and embossed some, then cut them out. I punched some out of pretty paper and I stamped some paper in pretty colors and then punched them out. The punched ones got glitter edged wings. Then I pulled out some Spare Parts flowers and added them to the mix. I traced the clock face onto butterfly paper (with shiny gold butterflies) and cut it out, then stamped the hour numbers with embossing ink and embossed them in gloss black to stand out. I reassembled it and voila! It's not plain any more.

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Persuaded said...

Wowsers, that is quite the transformation!