Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sew What?

As I unpacked all my sewing equipment that I'd taken to Kathy's, I realized how much my sewing room has changed in the last 10 months. For one, it's become more crowded. Two more machines in cabinets will do that. But it has also taken on the air of a well-loved and much-used room. Here it was in September, freshly painted and floored - I'd just moved in and I'd also just left my job. This is my sewing machine table today. My idea and inspiration boards have become quite cluttered. (And I recently cleaned them up) My pinning, cutting, small pressing job table has become a fixture I don't know how I ever sewed without. And while the window provides wonderful natural light - the mountain view isn't bad either. My serging station sits atop my antique Singer 301A that I was delighted to discover works like a champ with a little cleaning and oiling. Not pictured is also my ironing board at a 90 degree angle to it's original location. And doesn't the new/old treadle machine look lovely in front of the lace curtains?! Now, lest I give the impression that my sewing room is spacious with all these "stations", here's a little video tour, if you are interested. You'll see how efficiently I have fit all this in one small space.

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Persuaded said...

Loved the tour!

And I couldn't help picking up on your mention of "pattern making" materials... Maybe I could pick your brain on this sometime? I'd really like to start making my own patterns, but having no experience, I am a bit apprehensive, lol.