Monday, September 7, 2009

Malaise or Lazy?

Hmmm. I'm glad it's a holiday so that I don't have to count this as my first non-workday. It is very disappointing to be floundering so soon. I am a fish, yanked from the water and flopping about ineffectively on land. I will call tomorrow Day One.

Today I am trying to shake the malaise that came over me yesterday. It is an affliction of both spirit and body. I have a sore throat and an "off" feel. Of more import, though, is the feeling of despondency that I am sure relates to this major change of life situation. I was unable to put words to it, it seems to be coming from my unconscious rather than my conscious self. If I cannot name the thought or feeling, how am I to take dominion over it?

So, I will concentrate my efforts in the immediate future to an important task that needs done regardless of whether I feel the equal of it. It is a solid, definable, mechanical task and I just need to break it down into its parts and begin. I will sew.

I have a project that will challenge all my skills and push me to new levels. It is a beautiful dress for my beautiful SIL to-be. I have until September 22 to complete it and I have not yet begun. I estimate 60 hours minimum will be required. I'm intimidated but if I am able to walk head on into this and see it to completion, it would be a nice accomplishment to begin my new season of life. I have never worked on such fabrics, design, or techniques. And as my grandmother always said, "You never die on a day you learn something new." I should be safe for the next few weeks! So I will become imtimately acquainted with my new creative room and re-acquainted with my trusted sewing machine. It's a lovely, sunny yellow room. How can the malaise continue if I'm surrounded by color and being creative? It's time to dive in!

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