Friday, July 16, 2010

We're On the Eve of Construction

I want to start this post with a picture from a night or two ago... the sun was shining brightly from the west as a strong storm moved in with dark clouds from the East. It made for quite the contrast of light and dark.

So in preparation for the Sewing Bee tomorrow, I finished my scissors case so that I could safely transport these important tools. Valerie helped me with the design when she was here last December.

She also taught me the foundation piecing that makes for the colorful outside of the case.

So tomorrow Kathy, Stephanie and I are going to have an all day sew-a-thon in the the hopes of completing three skirts and two tops for Stephanie to add to her wardrobe before she moves in two and a half weeks. Last night Stephanie and I went shopping for fabric, today I washed and dried it all but I put off ironing until this evening after the sun went down. It was sizzling hot here, 90's in Evergreen - nearly unheard of - so what better arrangment for ironing than on the deck after dusk? You can see the moon right above the iron...

I do believe the tomato plants are approving of this rich coral colored linen.

And just what will be sewing up tomorrow?

Stephanie has selected the top with plain sleeves from pattern 4149, to be made out of pale green and coral linens.

Skirt A from pattern 2416 in the brown batik and another in view B from the pink and pale green batiks.

And finally, the skirt from 4149 in the lightweight cotton that looks like denim.

Looks like I'd better wrap up this post and get ready for all that construction!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the finished pieces! Sounds like a fun weekend project. -Shannon