Monday, July 26, 2010

99% Inspiration

What motivates your creativity? I would say that I have a variety of motivators and they vary in their motivational intensity. For example, the colors, texture and (dare I add) even scents of supplies can inspire me. Something as simple as a glance at my threads can make me want to create. Touching a pile from my fabric stash. Flipping through patterns.

Yesterday I was filled with the longing to create. But it wasn't so much the materials as the company. Friends can inspire and motivate me much more so than my craft and sewing supplies. Whether its the ideas and feedback I get, like from my friend, Rae, or the promise of spending time working together on a project, like with Stephanie.

Kent had to work third shift this weekend due to a big project at work. Turns out I just can't seem to end my day when he's not around. So here's what I was creating at 1:00 am. They are a prototype of a project I thought I might find I enjoy making for craft sales and such.

Can you say "Aaahh"? I think baby shoes are just the cutest things. I already have changes to make to my design but the first run was very promising.

And while Rae and Stephanie and I were out for a luncheon and visit to the knitting store, I found a knitting project to fill that need for a portable creative activity. I love the colors of the yarn, it has a nice feel and was only $6.50 for the skein, which will make the hat from the free pattern I got for purchasing the skein. Yay!

It makes me think of trees and rivers and night skies...

And last evening Stephanie and I tried our hand at matching "hobo bags". We had fun working together and it's not an unattractive design. I just don't know if I'm the type of girl to carry such an open purse. I'm thinking it might work really well to hold that new knitting project.

And uber inspirational is the conversation I had yesterday with some friends after church. I'd taken along the shoes to get some feedback and turns out there are several of us who would like to figure out how we can turn our creative urges into a little pin money. We are going to get together soon to throw all our ideas into a pot and motivate and inspire one another. Yup, I'd have to say that friends are 99% of my inspiration.


Valerie said...

Love the bag, love the hat (very cool pattern) and LOVE the shoes.
There's definitely potential for some serious Etsy goodness there. And if you and the fellow church ladies could come up with complementary lines that feed and nurture each other (not too mention fab potential for customer referrals and cross blog giveaways), that would be beyond super cool!

Persuaded said...

Those baby shoes are just soooo adorable♥