Saturday, July 3, 2010

And for my creative outlet...

I'm so proud of my latest completed project. I picked up a cross-stitch that I'd started in 1998? I decided to complete it for my new kitchen, wherever that may be. I'll be making a kind of "hope chest" to put together some new things to look forward to when we finally move. Here is the completed piece! Ta-da! I want to make a frame for it like one I made for a quilted interpretation of our mountain sunset. I used a soft wood and then put it through the bead blast cabinet in Kent's shop to give it a very weathered look.

And I spent the afternoon at my sister's, enjoying some conversation and company. While Kathy sorted through kitchen cupboards, sorting through what she wants to take when she moves, I used her enormous island to cut out a dress. I really like this pattern, even more so after reading the directions. The top edge of the bodice gets a drawstring and the waistband gets a double drawstring. So even though it appears to be pretty fitted, you can adjust it as need be. I wonder if that was actually a common practice in the days when this dress would have been in style. It sure make it versatile over a range of measurements. Of course my hope will be that I'll need to cinch it up tighter with time.

And here is a sneak peak at the fabric I'm using. It had a border with roses that have the look of being oil-painted. I cut the pattern out so as to capture roses on the right and left front yoke, the sleeves, and the hem. Kathy had a great idea to cut the front yoke pieces so that I can hand applique the leafy bottom edge of the rose clusters onto the bodice. I'm looking forward to getting to work on this.

And of course I always need some hand work for the evening. Since I had such success finishing the 12 year old cross stitch. I decided to work on the one my friend, Mindie, had given me when I last visited. What you see here, with the exception of four words, was stitched by her. Now I'll finish it and whenever I look at it, I'll enjoy knowing it was worked on by both of us.

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