Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Buzz on Our Bee

Our Saturday sewing bee went really well. I'm so glad Kathy was willing to host us as her space was a great setup for the job. Here you can see our machines around her kitchen table and the huge island we used for cutting out. Just off the kitchen is her sunporch and since the day was unusually warm, we set the ironing board up out there with all the windows open for a breeze.

I was awake at 6:OO am and since the sunporch was such a lovely spot at that time of day, I set to work out there on another table cutting out the necessary tissue pieces and pressing them for use. Kathy was up not too long after that and fixed me some coffee. Yeah! Then Steph joined us and we set to work. I cut out all but the blue skirt, which Steph cut out and made completely on her own. She looks like a pro here...

And here is her finished project. She was the first one to complete anything that day. She looks pretty proud of herself.

I worked on the tunic. The fabric was a pale green linen that worked up really nicely.

Stephanie had selected a pretty trim in matching pale green. It's a satiny braid with a velvet ribbon running through it. We added it to the neckline and then she had the idea to add a swirl to each shoulder, as well.

Kathy worked on a skirt that was seven curved flounces done in a batik. It turned out really well. Here's is Stephanie in her completed outfit.

We had a great time working together and enjoying one another's company. The consensus was that it was much more fun to sew together than alone.

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