Thursday, December 9, 2010

Welcoming Sunset

We left Linesville on Wednesday morning after deciding to do the return drive - Pennsylvania-Ohio-Indiana-Illinois-Iowa-Nebraska-Colorado - in just 2 days rather than three.

By the time we got home we had logged over 4,400 miles, been in 16 states, and used at least 16 tanks of gas. Kent takes such good care of me and I realized I had done only ~6 hours of driving for the whole trip. We reached Colorado in the late afternoon. I always think about the pioneers when we drive around the country. I noted that you could begin seeing the mountains (on this not quite clear day) about 90 miles out. And I imagined the folks traveling at maybe 15 miles a day watching the mountains loom larger and larger for nearly a week.

Here's a poorly pieced together "panorama" of the sunset as we drove southwest toward Denver.

God was so gracious to us. The car ran great, the weather was good, and we had no problems along the way. It was a four star trip. And I'll admit that this time I was happy to get home. Home to our pets. Home to our own bed. I was happy but done in, you might say.

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