Monday, December 6, 2010

Driven to Distraction

Sometimes life just moves really fast and it's hard to keep up. Such was the case with our trip. Sometimes I didn't have internet access. Sometimes I was just having too much fun to bother. But I'll try and recap some highlights.

The Colorado-Kansas-Missouri-Indiana-Illinois-Kentucky-West Virginia-Virginia v1.0-North Carolina portion of the trip was just Kent and I.

With our trusty Garmin

and my even trustier, wonderful husband at the helm, I passed many miles enjoying the scenery, entering recipes into my cookbook software, working crosswords and even crocheting. And the company and conversation were exceedingly pleasant, as well.

When Steph joined our entourage, (and Noodles, too)

A new kind of fun ensued. My daughter is a great Scrabble player and I am always excited to find a Scrabble partner. So I sprung for a travel version and we spent many hours and miles passing it back and forth from the front seat to the back. It worked great and was great fun!
Note: I know that Queal is not a word. Squeal, however, is. And by the time this photo was taken, I had inadvertantly managed to dislodge the S and send it under my seat. It was retrieved at our next stop.

Sadly, not shown, was the game with my 7-letter, first word on the board play that earned me 66 points right out of the gate.

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