Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Husband

Is an amazing man. He's kind, warm and thoughtful. He's strong, protective and capable. He's lots of fun with a great sense of humor. He's also wise and responsible. He is nurturing toward me and I've blossomed under his loving care. He's also empowering and encouraging. He has confidence in me even when my own is wavering. In short, I'm a very blessed woman to have this incredible man in my life.

He is also a man of great resolve and innovation. Here is his latest acquisition. It's a surface grinder. You can't tell by looking but it weighs approximately 4,000 pounds.

He got a great deal on it and brought it home last Monday on his trailer. It was loaded on the trailer with a forklift at the plant where he got it. We don't, however, have a forklift here at home (though I'm sure he'd love one). I thought it looked like an insurmountable problem. I couldn't imagine how it was going to get from the trailer to his shop.

But my husband looked it over, did some mental engineering, and moved it from the trailer to the shop using only gravity, a pallet jack, a crowbar, a hand-crank winch, rope, blocks and some small pieces of sheet steel. I don't know if he realized how impressed I was.

I thank God each day for making me his wife.