Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Morning

We have a Christmas morning tradition of homemade doughnuts. I make the doughnuts, volunteers ice and sprinkle, and everyone eats them. Christmases past, Shannon has always been on the volunteer team. Here is a shot from a Christmas past of the doughnut making. Yes, it's critical that I perform this function in my jammies.

This year, however, after I had prepped the batter and rolled and cut the raw materials, Shannon took it to a whole new level. Here she is wielding a meat injector syringe for filling the doughnuts with cream filling.

Ahh, those look mighty tasty with their Bavarian cream innards and iced and sprinkled tops!

It's hard not to be your own best customer when you've got this job...

And here is the pro with a platter to be proud of - Thanks Shannon!

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Persuaded said...

Oh man Kristine.. those look amazing! Yummmmmmmmmm