Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday

I was traveling on Kathy's birthday, so we made up for it over the weekend. Saturday we did some necessary shopping and went to lunch. On Sunday Kathy came to my house.

So what do you get when you combine two sisters, a sugary cake, tea and a new craft tool? Some fun sister time!

I baked Kathy a cake - white with vanilla frosting - her favorite. And then we decorated it with the crafts we were learning to make.

But the rest was Kathy's doing. She brought tea that blooms when you steep it. This was a walnut sized ball when she put it in the pot and then after the water works it's way, you have a lovely floral arrangement.

And she also brought a new Cricut. She said that she got it as a Christmas present for all of us (Kathy, Valerie, Stephanie and me) to share. I am so amazed at what it can do. And it's fun to watch it do it! We played with different shapes and functions and were totally captivated. I can see so many great applications for what it can do.

And, yes, we ate cake with that tea.

Thanks for a great day, Kathy! And thanks for sharing a great Christmas gift! (Did I mention she left it with me for the time being? I'm a lucky girl)


Anonymous said...

Hello! This is Pastor Matt (the worship leader from Steph, Val, & Amol's faith-family here in C'ville, PA).

I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading your blog as well as sharing your family!

God bless you!

Kristine said...

Hello to you, Pastor Matt. :-) We are so happy to know that our family there has found a faith-family with you. I was glad to be able to attend service while we were visiting. The worship time was the most connected I've enjoyed in some time. I really felt we were worshipping the King together. Blessings to you. Kristine