Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In the Kitchen with My Best Friend!

The other day I made up the dough for sugar cookies. Today Kent helped me finish making them. I started cutting cookies the way I always have. Some of my favorite shapes to use were the elephant and squirrel. Yeah, I know, they ARE Christmas cookies. Who says they all have to be trees and stars?

When Kent, the efficiency expert, showed me his technique. It's like doing a puzzle to see how many of the cookie cutters you can get on the dough without wasting more than a 1/4 inch piece.

And since I was feeling a little lazy, we weren't going to paint these with colored icing. My solution was to make up a nice, sticky, sweet icing that I could paint on with a big brush,

And Kent helped me apply multi-colored sprinkles of many wondrous and sugary shapes which stuck to the icing before it set up.

The fruit of our labor is a mountain of tasty treats to enjoy and share with friends and family.

I must really love this guy to pose when he asks me to. I typically hate having my picture taken. Here's proof of my love, dear:

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