Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fun with Family and Friends

So half the time (or more) I was not only not updating my blog, I was having too much fun to remember to take photos.

Not pictured, Dinner with old friend Jim Kibbey. We made a small detour as we grazed the eastern side of Raleigh to meet up with a dear friend I hadn't seen in 14 years and who Kent had yet to meet. Jim made us a tasty dinner and we chattered away like it had been 14 days, not years. It was great to see you, Jim! Love ya, brother!

Also, not pictured, we had dinner and spent the night in Reston, VA, with Kent's brother Ron and his family. Warm and welcoming as always, we were so glad to have a chance to see them. A real treat was that their son, Alex, and his wife, Emily, came for dinner as well. Ron and Ann had never met Steph and she enjoyed the opportunity to meet them and visit.

Next up, Fredericksburg, VA, for Thanksgiving with my sister, Karen, my brother-in-law, Brian, and my amazing niece, Shannon. Their home is so beautiful and inviting, it was like being at a retreat for three days. Thanks for showing us such a wonderful time and making us feel so very much at home.

Kent put his feet up and enjoyed some relaxed reading time. (This room features FIVE recliners - two each in the loveseat and sofa. Kent heaven.)

Karen, Shannon, Steph and I played a good bit of Wii. I was really beginning to lust after a Wii after playing it at Josh and Jessie's and then Karen and Brian's. I surprised myself with my golf score, demonstrated repeated "yard sales" in the ski jumping, blew my claim that my kung fu powers were strong, bowled, balanced, played tennis, and I can't remember what all. It really was a lot of fun.

Watching us demonstrate our prowess wore out little Lacie, though. She had to take a nap.

While most people mobbed the malls on Black Friday, we girls headed to Old Towne Fredericksburg, where you feel like you've stepped back in time. Multi-paned shop windows, stores that are narrow and deep, pretty lights, friendly folks strolling about... Even this anti-shopper was glad to go along.

We strolled the main street, Caroline, and stopped in wherever it looked interesting - teas, spices, kitchen gadgets, banjos and guitars, vintage candies, even a cigar shop to get something special for my brother who was looking after our house and cats in our absence.

(L-R: Karen, Kristine, Kent, Stephanie and Shannon)

The time flew by, visiting and enjoying being together. The next thing we knew it was time to head out for the next leg of the trip. Sad to say goodbye but happy to know that soon, Lord willing, we'll be a much shorter drive apart and we will certainly be seeing more of each other.

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