Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Walk Through My Garden

These are pictures from about 10 days ago. (I said I was behind on my posts.) The garden is coming along. Today we staked up tomatoes, sprayed eggplant, hilled potatoes, and mulched celery, eggplant, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and all peppers. So new pictures will follow soon.

The beans and peas are coming in nicely

The hot peppers are proving to be real producers. I don't know how these plants are going to hold up all the peppers

I can't wait to eat onions from my own garden

The squash seems to me to be coming along slowly. But I suppose it's investing in roots now. Soon I'll probably be complaining that it's taking over the walkways overnight.

I've never grown potatoes before - I'm pretty excited about them

And I can almost taste the Kandy Corn!

I'm keeping an eye on these fellows - they'll likely be the first ones we get to eat

It's a lot of hard work but the rewards far outweigh any pains or sweat.


Gobetween's Space said...

How do you know when onions are ready to eat?

Kristine said...

Hi Gobetween, I guess it depends how hungry you are for them. Pulled now they would be "green" onions. Edible at any point. My understanding is that the tops grow first, reaching a point where they stop growing depending on how hot the days are and how much moisture they are getting. When they stop growing, the bulb begins developing. If left until late fall, it will reach it's maximum potential. I have friends who left onions in over the winter and they begain growing again in the spring. I imagine they develop a stronger flavor the longer they grow. And there's everything I know on the subject. I haven't had a decent garden in over a decade, so I'm still learning again.

I visited your blog and it looks like you've got some beautiful flowers!