Friday, July 1, 2011

Music to My Ears

A week ago Kent saw an item on Craigslist and drew my attention to it. A piano was being offered for free in a town less than 15 minutes from us! Wow! And it was a shorter model, like I had thought would fit better in our home. He emailed, I called, then we waited. After Kent had left to run errands, I got a phone call. I was the first one they had called back of several inquiries. Could I come get it immediately? Well, no, but please won't you give me a couple hours? I promise I'll be there today. I could sense their resistance but they agreed. I called my niece, who called her husband (owner of a large trailer), we stopped and asked our Amish friends for help and in a complete downpour we arrived at the parsonage. A really nice young couple invited us in to drip on their floors. The piano, she told me, had been given to her when they moved to town a little less than 1 1/2 years ago. She had been very satisfied with it until she recently was given the piano she grew up playing. She wanted to keep her childhood instrument and wanted this one to go to a good home.

I don't think she can know what a blessing it is to me to have this piano. I have already spent hours playing it. I'm clumsy (it's been decades). I think I must be driving my dear husband crazy but he's nothing but encouraging. I drive myself crazy sometimes when it seems my hands just won't listen to my brain. I've become convinced that there is a lot of muscle memory involved. For that I am grateful. I've always been one to play hymns, gospel music, sacred music and classical music. Not much interested in popular music. I did learn to play "Three Times A Lady" for my sister years ago but that was it. It's like my personal offering and worship time to God. It is balm to my soul. I wrote my kind benefactor a note and told her so. I hope she is blessed half as much as I have been by this gift.

And it's pretty! I love the styling of it. God picks out the best gifts!

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