Friday, July 1, 2011

The Shop Around the Corner

So much catching up to do! It's been two weeks now since I had the fun of a trip to my friend Mindie's. We had a nice visit and the most exciting was that I got to see her store! Garner (that's her) and Jundzillo's Gifts and Goodies. Gifts and Goodies indeed. What a fun place to browse!

Here's Mindie in front of her shop. Come on in!

As soon as you walk in the door you are tempted with wonderful aromas. Candles and scents, cheese and beef sticks.

The store, which features not only their own items, but those of other folks who pay for space, is a great central location for things like Avon, Mary Kay, Rada, Pampered Chef, Tupperware and such. And it's also filled with beautiful handmade crafts and keepsakes. I was very taken with the delicate baby bonnets. I tried really hard to think of who I needed to get a bonnet for but without luck.

And they also carry a selection of crafting supplies. Again, I worked hard to come up with a project for which I needed yarn.

Oh, and did I mention the yummy bulk foods? I'm hooked on the horseradish dip mix. It makes a great chevre! And the mixed dried berries... please don't ask me to share.

And there's even great jewelry. Really, there's something for everyone. I had a great time visiting and I'm SO PROUD of my friend. She has a dream and she hasn't let fear keep her from pursuing it. I think every town needs a store like this.

And my visit was so well timed, I got to join in on the Sit and Knit at the store after hours. It's always a good thing to get together with other folks who love to craft.

If you find yourself in Ridgway, PA, stop in. I think every town should have a great little shop like this.

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