Friday, July 1, 2011

A Community Garden

I am soooo behind on posts I wanted to make. Here is something that I think is just the neatest idea... a community garden through our church. It was started last year as the brainchild of a family at the church and this year sixteen people turned up to help plant it. The garden is truly for the community. It's planted near the small recycling center in town and as things ripen, anyone at all is welcome to stop and pick what they can use. And if church volunteers that come to weed see that things are ripe, they'll pick them and go door-to-door offering them to the townsfolk. I'm sure this is a blessing to so many who don't have the ability or space or time to garden but can use the fresh food and savings.

Everyone brought what they could to the work day - tools, plants, seeds, ideas and a willingness to work hard and get dirty.

There was a bit of discussion about how to get going and then we were off.

String was run for the rows

And right behind that came the diggers

and the planters.

And soon things were taking shape!

The kids were a great help, too. The younger girls just love my grand-nephew, Sam. They spent the entire time keeping him busy and entertained. That was a huge help.

The boys shelled beans for planting

And carried potatoes. They also determined that one of them had the perfect potato planting measure...two shoe lengths.

I was so pleased to be a part of this fun day of group effort and service to the community. What a great heart these folks have for their community!

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