Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pizza Again!!!

Introduction: The following is a guest post by my dear friend, Theresa, whom I am introducing to the fun of blogging.

Have you ever been told that you cannot have something again due to an allergy- watching others partake of that which you have been longing to have and wishing to have just one bite? Well, that is what I have been doing for the last year. I have an allergy to yeast and yes-yeast is in all the good things in life- the good things,that is, that one eats.

My wonderful friend, the one who is always there for me no matter what. Yes, the friend that I don't deserve but she doesn't care about that. She heard that I was longing for bread-though...not as much as the longing to eat pizza again. Of course, this awesome friend right away started to try and figure out how to make pizza crust without yeast and...what do you know...she did it. I GOT TO EAT PIZZA AGAIN!!!!

This is my daughter, Michaela. She is holding the crust that Kristine came up with. It is a English Muffiny Cheesy Biscuity type of crust. I sure do hope she can recreate this again. Let us all hope that she will post the recipe.

The crust was baked first. I wondered what she was going to put on it.

She divided it into fourths and then topped each section with what each person wanted. The following were the toppings: onion, olives, spinach, sweet pepper, pepperoni and lots and lots of cheese.

It baked for approximately fifteen or twenty minutes.

This pizza was the best. can not compare to the one who made it. She is a great friend with whom I am so greatful to God for.

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