Sunday, July 3, 2011

On the Way to the Garden

Since our garden is so far from the house, we get to pass the fruit trees on our way there. And shout out a hello to the cows and chickens. Here are Grady and Joyce lounging in their pasture. Kent moves them every two days to fresh pasture. Of course, their little calf minds can barely handle the concept of moving past where electric fence was just a day before. They still get milk replacer twice a day but they are developing a hearty appetite for grazing. Grady will come up to you, or at least stand still while you walk up to him. Joyce, though, appears to be a really high strung scatterbrain.

The peaches are so pretty. The one that hangs closest to the garden will probably be smooth by the time they are ready to pick. I just can't resist reaching out and touching it each time I walk by.

The cherries started to turn! There was much excitement. They were just blushing but I was already planning what I might do with them.

And the next morning they were all gone. Oh, wait, I exaggerate. There were two left dangling. It was like the Grinch that Stole Cherries has come in the night. I'm getting less and less fond of birds.

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Gobetween's Space said...

Great photos. Sometimes birds are party poopers.