Monday, February 28, 2011

Appetizers and Attitude

I warned you...

This stilty guy or gal was one of the first things I spotted on entering the park. At first it kept to the reeds but little by little it made its way into the open and was feasting on something wonderful in the muck at the base of this tree. I found it interesting to watch it put one wing or the other out - never both at once - to balance as it plunged face first into the water to dig around.

And as I was walking on a bridge I heard a real ruckus. I turned to see this guy racing across the water. I guessed it was a male as they are usually more colorful.

And he was shortly followed by this (I'm guessing female) who appeared to be madder than a wet hen. Just as she'd start to gain on him

She'd start squawking and flapping so hard she nearly lifted out of the water. Amid the screaming and her splashing, he'd find a new burst of energy and gain a little ground and then she'd take up the chase again.

I'm not sure what the dynamics were that I observed but I'm guessing neither of them were nearly as amused as I was.

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