Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Leaping Lizards!

Really. They can jump pretty good. I was quite taken with all the little lizards that just kind of hang around the yard at Kevin and Beth's. One afternoon I sat reading and looked up to see one draped over St. Francis' head in the front garden. Another afternoon I sat in the bay window and watched closely. Where there, at first glance, appeared to be no activity, I detected no less than 8 lizards within my field of vision without the need to turn my head. They vied for top spot on the pavers around the garden spot, they scrambled back and forth across the sidewalk. They leapt to the palm tree and scurried up long, slender fronds.

That afternoon I was telling my brother about it and he headed right out to catch me one. It was like the good old days. As kids he and I spent countless hours in the woods and little wild places around our home. Creeks always make great play areas and woods let you get away from it all. So like kids again, he caught me a lizard and displayed it for my camera (Ok, I didn't actually have a camera as a kid, so that wasn't the same).

He demonstrated the front view


And the ever popular belly up (at which point this poor lizard was probably sure it was going to die)

And on to the compare the similarities of the lizard to Kevin's snake tattoo. (Ok, he didn't have that as a kid, either)

And that's when it leaped out of his hand and seemed to disappear. We looked around and it seemed to have vanished. And then I spotted it clinging to my skirt. It sure blended in well. I'm glad I didn't head back into the house before seeing that!


Pokeberry Mary said...

I love lizards! We have lots of 'em buy the house in South Carolina.Probably here at the cabin too, but they might not be out and about yet.

Persuaded said...

Wow.. it's amazing how well that little sucker blended into your skirt!