Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time to Say Goodbye

Here are some of the last pictures of our home while we lived in it. Actually, things are in a bit of disarray because we were already packing when I took these. I figure it's about time I bring things up to date on the moving process.

After a summer spent painting the outside of our home and having the roof replaced, we took the plunge and it was put on the market in mid-November. I'm not sure of the actual date it first was listed in print or online but it was during our trip to see family for Thanksgiving. We had showings lined up as soon as we returned on December 2nd and on the 13th we got a call saying that the folks who'd seen it that day were very interested and wanted another look. They looked again on the 15th and on the 16th we recieved an offer. After a little negotiating we had an agreement. At this point there are still many things that stand between the agreement and the sale so we tried to relax and just enjoy the holiday with our family while being mindful that our days may be numbered.

Things moved smoothly and by the 5th of January, we knew we had to be ready to vacate for a closing of January 28th. While there were still a few hurdles (final loan approval, well tests, etc) we decided there was no more time to tarry. We had rented a storage unit after making the agreement and we began to pack in earnest. Our goal was to set a date one week in advance of the closing to be moved out. So glad we did since by doing that we managed to be out the day before closing.

I don't need to tell anyone who has moved from a long-time home that it is a monumental task to pack up half a lifetime. I devised a packing system that included color coding boxes by room/area of the house/property and then used an alpha-numeric code to identify each box. I preprinted labels and set up a spread sheet to track the whole process. While a stray box or two may have gotten past us, we can essentially tell what is in any box by the code on the label. Since items will be in storage for an indefinite period of time, this will be (we believe) enormously helpful on the other end. By toting our laptops and a workbox into each area as we packed, we had the tools and labeling materials we needed at hand and logging the contents of boxes was a snap. I'll revisit this topic later as I believe I might offer it as a service via the internet.

We packed and stacked boxes until we felt as if the house were barely navigable. Kent built wooden crates on pallets to load his heavy tools, sculpture molds, and parts. We hired two men to help with the actual moving of the household boxes and furniture for one day and then the shop for two more days. Kent rented a 26 foot commercial grade truck with a lift gate and all-terrain fork lifts for both ends - the house and the storage unit. The task was huge but once again my amazing husband proved equal to the challenge. The weather could have been worse but it could have been much better, as well. Still, we persevered. Our trailer lost a wheel and was not selvageable. Then the clutch in our pickup went. We rented a cargo van and kept moving forward.

By the 27th, we were spent. Physically and emotionally. And then as we were nearing our lowest point, the fine folks who were buying our house showed up with sandwiches and juice (we hadn't eaten all day). And words of encouragement. And a helping hand. It was the boost we needed when we needed it. And I don't want to forget to thank my friends who came to lend support and help me pack. Those days were the easiest of my packing job. Thank you Anne, Rae and Kathy. And thanks to Roger, who helped Kent for a long morning and contributed his own pickup to the task. We certainly could not have done this alone. If you have a friend that is moving, show up. Even if you just bring a glass of cold water and a smile. It really does help.

Meet Dan and Ruth! We are so happy that they are the ones who bought our home. We pray that they will have many happy years there.

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