Monday, February 21, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

I got home yesterday from Florida and it was so good to see my husband! It's the longest we've ever been apart. When I downloaded my camera this afternoon I was struck by seeing my father's improvement on "film".

He has felt frustrated often, thinking he should be further along than he is, and we tried to share with him the improvements, changes and progress that we can see. Now I have a graphic example for him of how he IS improving. And while it may not seem as fast as he'd like on a daily basis, it does add up.

Here's dad the day he left the hospital. That's Abby with him. Dad says she was very encouraging to him in his therapy. That was a an intimidating day for all of us because we didn't know how he'd do having to move from a wheelchair to a vehicle and then to a wheelchair at the airport. We knew it would exhaust him and it was a huge undertaking.

And here's Dad one week later, enjoying an outing with the family. He was still heavily relying on the wheelchair at this point for any distance more than across a room. And he was constantly cold even though the Florida weather was mild and sunny.

And here's Dad the night before I left, joining the family on the patio before our cookout.

I'm proud of my Dad and how hard he's working. He could choose to give up when faced with so much frustration and hard work but he's persevering. I look forward to seeing how far he can go.

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Persuaded said...

Welcome home girlie! And yes, one can really see how much your father is improving... I'm sure seeing these photos will really encourage him to keep it up♥