Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Niece, Sarah

One of the great things about my time in Florida was the opportunity spend time with Kevin, Beth and Sarah. I hadn't seen Sarah in a few years and we enjoyed catching up. Sarah is sweet, smart, funny and full of life. She's skilled on the rip-stick, is a fun bike-riding companion, is the only person I know who can walk faster than me, gives a great pedicure and neck rub, and is an all-around super person.

She was frequently scooping up the camera and taking pictures of the two of us as we'd be cooking or goofing around.

She's a great cook and lots of fun in the kitchen. I'm not sure about the frosting kisses, though.

As soon as her Aunt Karen showed up, she started getting pics of them, too!

I snuck a few snaps myself. I was enjoying listening to her play while I cooked.

And she's already a lot taller than her mom who is probably taller than me. And they both have such beautiful blonde hair. What a pretty pair!

If you're reading this... I love you Sarah!

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