Thursday, February 3, 2011

And Say "Hello Again!"

The current greeting we seem to get a lot from friends is something like, "Congratulations! I hear you're homeless!" While we laugh along, the fact is that we are houseless, not homeless. Thank God.

Actually, I'm living with Kathy again and I have so many good memories of our years together that this is a happy time for me. Living in limbo isn't half bad when you are doing it with your best friends. We have been provided with a supremely comfortable space during this interim and I want to make sure everyone knows how grateful I am. We have the comforts of our own home within the comfort of Kathy's home. And her companionship as well. I believe that our "bedroom" with walk-in closet and private bath is more square footage and a single floor of our previous home.

Here we have our living room for those times when we want a little time away...

And our office and library so that we can keep organized while we begin our house search.

And I am blessed to have a creative space where I hope to make many things to sell in my friend's store.

And of course our bedroom...

All of this and we still have tons of open floor space. We've got more move-about room than I am accustomed to and it feels downright luxurious.

Even more luxurious is having some down-time after two solid months of running and doing. Between our trip, the holidays and moving we haven't hardly had a moment to catch our breath. So taking a nap with the fur boys is a real treat.

I found this early in the packing process in a box of keepsakes. Stephanie made if for me years ago. During our weeks of packing the house and laboring there I kept it hanging on a cupboard in the kitchen where I could see it frequently. And on the last day I removed it and brought it here with us as a continuing reminder. I am certain that my God is in control. I am sure He has plans for me. I pray that I may walk by faith through this life. Thanks, Steph, this has been a nice reminder and I smile and think of you every time I see it. I love you!!


Persuaded said...

Love that picture of your cute hubby with your "fur boys"... and love that sign that Steph made for you too♥

Praying for you during this transition time, my dear friend (who I've never actually met, lol)

Stephanie said...

Looks like you have a really nice set up there mom, thanks for the pictures! That is a very good reminder, I am glad you found it and that it has been encouraging you. I think of you always and love you too! Looking forward to seeing you. :)