Saturday, August 28, 2010

Play Date

Kent and I decided to act like kids today. Can you guess what we did?

Yup. We loaded the bikes on the Jeep and drove down to a bike trail in Idaho Springs. It's just a handful of miles from us but a couple of thousand feet lower in elevation. After biking, getting caught in the rain, waiting it out in an underpass, then making our way back to the Jeep, we had a picnic lunch in the Jeep a few miles up a narrow, winding four-wheel drive road.

From that vantage point, we had some wonderful views of Idaho Springs.

The old Argo Silver Mine

Houses looking like a model train village

And the main street. The heavy traffic is on I-70 which runs along the edge of town through the narrow valley.

On the way home, we passed my cave. For years it has provided fuel for my imagination as I wonder what may lie inside and how I might get to it to look. I'll probably never know for sure and that's OK. I like making up stories about it in my mind.

And as we turned a switchback corner on the way back into our neighborhood, we saw other locals. There were deer in the road.

And then we saw more and more of them. Six in all.

Including this fawn whose spots have not yet faded.

So pretty!


Persuaded said...

That looks like such fun! I think you and your sweet hubs must have such a wonderful relationship.... everything you post about him is so happy and cozy sounding♥

Kristine said...

We do have fun. He is an amazing man and my best friend. God has really blessed us both. We have seen first-hand how He can "redeem the years the locusts have eaten."

Persuaded said...

That's one of my very favorite verses, Kristine♥