Saturday, August 28, 2010

Knit One, Purl Two, Chain 9, Treble Crochet

So while we were in PA, Mindie and Lea Ann came to visit and they both brought crochet projects with them. That reminded me of the project I'd purchased yarn for and then decided I didn't want to do. Ever since Kathy taught me to knit in 1998, I've done that almost exclusively. While I used to crochet all the time and even make up my own patterns, after so many years it was like starting over again. I was so inspired by their projects that I decided to get out my pattern and give it another shot. Here's the sweater I wanted to make and I had purchased a wonderful hand-spun yarn at the Estes Park Wool Market. I had attempted to stitch this but been very unhappy with the results.

When I revisited the project I realized that, just like knitting, I would need to get the gauge right. After a few false starts, I found the right size hook to make it turn out according to the directions.

Here's what's neat about the pattern. Kathy bought me a book called Blueprint Crochet: Modern Designs for the Visual Crocheter. The designer, Robyn Chochula, had several items on display at the yarn store where we'd meet to knit on Thursday nights. I really liked what I saw and Kathy got me a signed copy of the book. I was so excited. I guess I was just in the wrong frame of mind the first time I tried. Now I can say that this is the easiest way to read a crochet pattern that I could ever imagine. Here's a peak inside the book. This whole pattern is contained in graphics...

You can take a closer look by clicking on the photos for a bigger view.

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