Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Way I See It

Sure, I could be bumming about the fact that it's still winter here. And part of me is. But then there are the cool things (no pun intended) that are particular to spring snow. Here we see what appears to be our basic gently falling snow.

But this isn't the kind of snow that falls through frigid air and lands on surfaces as cold as death. This is a wet, "I could be rain if I wanted to" kind of snow that lands on surfaces that are already shaking off the deep winter chill. So it all acts differently. Like the snow sliding off the roof of the foundry and creating this curl that makes me thing of an ocean wave.

And look at the little icicles hanging on to that wave. Flip it over and they could be splashes of warm sea water.

I thought about how heavy the snow was on the trees and then realized that if I was a little bird, that would be good shelter from this rapidly falling, moist snow. Is this what they see?

I was looking for some color in this seemingly grey, black and white world. The woodpile stood out with it's warm, almost golden browns showing under the blanket of snow.

And I was really taken by the ice that formed on these ropes. Kent, during our last warm spell, had worked on the chimney lining and these safety ropes are still in place so that he can go back up and finish some things when it is warm again. The rope is tied to the decking on the East side of the house, goes up over the roof and all the way back down to the decking on the West side. Here the water has used the rope as a channel and frozen it solid. Or so it seems. As I was looking I could see the water running down inside the ice sheaf, still following the rope to it's lowest point. I thought it was so cool to see this ice tube running from the deck to the roof.

And this morning I saw this striking view of the mountains. I got the impression they were shaking off the shrouding of the wet clouds, ready to once again be drenched in sunshine.

At least, that's the way I see it.

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