Friday, May 7, 2010

My little microbrewery

I don't think there's any alchohol content, though. I'm brewing Kombucha. You may have noticed pics previously where I was growing my SCOBY (Simbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) from a purchased bottle of Kombucha. And then I put my first batch to ferment about 9 days ago. Today I decanted the brew and I think it turned out really well.

In typical Kristine fashion, I didn't think to start taking pics for you until I'd decanted. But here's the golden Kombucha from my last brew.

And then I began another batch. Candy had updated her method and it certainly speeds things up. Previously I added my sugar and tea to three quarts of boiling water. This time I just used one. And when it was ready, I added cool water to make three quarts, meaning that it didn't take hours to get cool enough to add my scoby back in. So here's my gallon jar with tea a-brewing.

I am able to add my water straight from the tap because we have such amazing well water. If you have "city" water that is treated or chlorinated, you must use filtered water for the brew.

The directions said that each time I brew another scoby would form on top of the one I had. It sure did. But since the original scoby was created in a quart jar and then the subsequent addition in a gallon jar, it kind of turned out looking like a fried egg shape.

And I just slip the scoby into the new brew and put it in the cupboard to rest for a week or so. I'm very excited to find that this process is really quite simple and resulting kombucha product is really good. Much better results than my sourdough bread fiascos. A real confidence builder.

If you want a baby scoby to brew some for yourself, let me know. (No, I can't send one to India, Val.) And here's that link again to Candy's directions: Brewing Kombucha from Keeping the Home

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