Friday, May 7, 2010

Color my world

If, by some chance, you noted (with relief, perhaps), that I hadn't posted in several days, you may wonder what I've been up to. Well, of course there's the cooking. And Sunday. And painting. We've been working our way through the house and this week we tackled the most difficult space of all - The Stairwell. Yes, it deserves capitalization.

Kent also replaced some trim here and there that we'd pulled up as we went.

And I appear to be having fun. Actually, we did. We always enjoy working together. It's such a blessing. This was the last of the hallway. Maybe that's why I appear so happy.

This was the bear of it. There's the downstairs hallway. Not bad. Knocked that off first. Then there's this stairwell, that actually rises higher than a typical second floor ceiling because the ceiling is sloped in the center to the peak. Kent did the scary and most difficult parts. We used a ladder some and then he went to it with a very long extension handle for a paint roller. I so appreciate what a hard worker he is.

And I think we are both really pleased with the results. The hall was in need of a painting due to years of wear but also we've warmed it up with a butter yellow called Cottonseed, instead of the harsh white it was. There's only one room now that hasn't been painted. Our office. I'm entertaining thoughts of painting it in Liquid Blue by Behr. My niece used it and I love the look. But maybe not for a couple weeks...

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