Friday, May 7, 2010

Bad Hare Day and Good Times

So all that cooking was Saturday. On Sunday I had arranged to sell my angora rabbits to a woman who spins. I was sad to see them go but, to be honest, I wasn't utilizing them as I had hoped I would. I guess I like the idea of getting my fiber from my own rabbits more than I like the actual process. I just never seemed to find time and then when I had the fiber, I'm much too novice a spinner to know what to do with it. I tried carding it in with another fiber but my skill level at carding is also very amateur. So Kent and I discussed getting rid of rabbits to make room for storage and work toward our goal of selling the house.

I feel really good about the home I found for them. Peg is a spinner who already raises cashmere goats and llamas. She even brought them little treats she'd made for their ride to their new home. Peter was totally into that and started munching on his right away, much to her delight. I asked enough to keep snake owners from wishing to purchase them but little enough to make them affordable to a good home.

Here's a picture of Peter - so named because I had determined to name the bucks with NT names and he looked like he was out of a Beatrix Potter book...

And Matt (short for Matthew and aptly name for his ability to get matted in hours, rather than days). But he had the sweetest face and of all the rabbits, he was the most curious and friendly.

And lest I forget, though I don't have a picture of him handy, was Tommy (Thomas), a black angora with shiny black ears, feet and face and a coat of silvery/blue. He was feisty, though. I raised him from a baby and he still acted more wild than the rest. But he was a beauty.

So the morning was bittersweet, saying goodbye and knowing they would be well cared for. Then I went on my way to church with enough time to spare for a Starbucks and strawberry danish. A treat!

Church was great, even though our pastors were out of town. Our new format includes spending time talking in small groups and praying together after the message and before communion. I think that we are all really touched and edified by this sharing within the body. And afterwards, just when you wish the sharing didn't have to end, we had all been invited to Steve and Liz' house for lunch and continued fellowship. It was a great afternoon. I hope we find ways to spend more like this in the future.

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