Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

to all you mom's out there. I know that I particularly missed my mom today. I miss her often and so today it's especially sad to me that I can't tell her thanks. (Although I'm sure she's having a grand time and doesn't really miss our little holiday.)

I had a very special afternoon. Stephanie met me down the hill and took me out. We had a really nice time. We shoe shopped at the mall. I didn't find anything but it's so much more fun looking when you have company. Then she took me for a smoothie since neither of us had eaten lunch. Then to the Golden Quilt Museum where we browsed an amazing collection. Of all the beauties there, the one that is really going to stick with me is called "10,000 Triangles". It really is. And two triangles go together to create a square that is perhaps 1.25 inches across. And the quilt was huge. Who made this? Grace. She made it in the late 1800's when she was EIGHT. That's 8. And it was, of course, all stitched by hand. I was so impressed. I'd share a pic but we weren't allowed to take any. After the museum Steph treated me to dinner at Ali Baba's Grill. The food was fabulous! We couldn't decide between all the great sounding things so we ended up getting two samplers, the Vegetable Lovers and the Meat Lovers. Baba Ganoush, Falafel, Tabbouleh, Hummus, Spicy Lamb, Grilled Beef and Chicken skewers, fresh Pita Bread, delicious salads. We were stuffed and it looked like we'd only picked at the plates. Steph had a take-out box just packed when we left. I'm glad since she's not feeling well and she shouldn't have to cook for days.

So it was a wonderful afternoon and I can't believe that my baby is all grown up, planning our day, printing up the directions, driving me around and picking up the tab, too. Sigh. I didn't need to do anything. But I still felt needed, 'cause she'll always need my lovin and hugs.

I love you, Steph! I'm so glad I got to be YOUR mom.

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