Sunday, June 24, 2012

What are you so happy about?

Yeah, I'm grinning too! It's radish time again!

 And look at this hive... you may at first note that it has a number of  bees on it. Actually, it was covered with them earlier that day. It had been very hot here this past week. The bees were "bearding", Kent tells me. But you might also note the size of that hive. When I first pictured them here on the blog there were two hives of equal size.

Hmmm.... now there are three hives and one is quite large. That's because Kent had to add on to the hive that was brimming with honey and split another that was growing in population. I think he's doing a great job with his new apiary skills.
He also got to try his hand this past week at capturing a swarm. The vagaries of bee swarms being what they are, he did not ultimately succeed in capturing it. However, he gained good experience and confidence by trying. At one point he was 20-25 up a ladder in a tree in the dark to try and gather the bees from where they had clustered for the night. I myself stayed on the ground praying for his safety and convinced that I wouldn't have the nerve myself.

And I also harvested a large crop of brown fur. I was finally able, with Stephanie's assistance, to clip Caleb. The pile of discarded hair was as large as the remaining dog. He actually doesn't look too bad for a home clip job and he seems to feel much better.

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