Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chickens, Mr. Tweedy, do not plot!

So children, would you like to play a joke on Auntie Brownie?

 Oh, this ought to be good!

Hello, Dearie! The chicks and I just really needed a holiday...
You don't mind if we stay here with your for awhile? Do you?

They just crack me up.

Sometimes I think I wouldn't mind a dull moment. Most of the time I'm just trying to keep up around here. The chickens alone confound me on a daily basis. There's the crazy egg sitting, co-op style. Then matching nest boxes. Then the orphan chick that seems to throw everything into confusion. It finally gets adopted by the brown hen and then she doesn't seem to want the eggs she's actually been trying to hatch. I am sad to report a fatality of her first hatched chick by the hen herself. Apparently it startled her and looked like an intruder. I'll never understand. And then there is the abduction of one of my favorite hens right out of their coop a couple nights ago. A trail of feathers lead into the woods. I don't think it went well for her, either. And in a week I'll be heading to the post office to pick up another 36 chicks. I guess that means that the fun will keep on rolling. Now if I could just get Babs to knit a possum trap...

*If you don't get my references, then you need to log onto Netflix immediately and request a copy of Chicken Run for your viewing pleasure.

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