Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm going to my happy place, I'm going to my happy place, I'm.....

I've become convinced that it's nice to have something you like to do that takes you away from everything else. It doesn't have to be literally "away". You can be "away" in your own home. For me creativity takes me away. (And playing piano. And reading a good book. And working in the garden.)Time has no meaning and my focus is entirely on the project at hand, giving my mind and spirit a break from all the other pressing needs around me. I believe I first mentioned my quilt project here.

No, not this one.
(Click on the pic to zoom in and get a look at the pretty embroidered roosters)

Or even this one.

Those are just some lovely things to look at in our fun quilt classroom. There are eight of us in the closs and Carol, our fun and knowledgeable teacher. Two of my favorite hours every month!

In fact, I should have been working on my quilt blocks this evening instead of blogging. I have 16 blocks to do for our July class and each block has 45 pieces. That makes... um... 10 x 45 is 450 plus 6 x 40 is 240 and 6 x 5 is 30.... so... 720 pieces! Yes! Each starched, pressed, pinned, sown, trimmed and pressed again. I made one block so far. It took me 3 hours. So 3 x 15 more blocks is 45 hours of homework. Yikes! I've got to go!


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