Thursday, June 28, 2012

Brown Paper Packages... These are a few of my favorite things!

Though they weren't tied up with string, brown paper packages have been bringing lots of fun and new life to our house lately...

What could this box have in it? It arrived on Tueday

Ooooh! 37 Buff Orpington chicks!

Hatched and immediately shipped, the chicks can live for 24-36 hours on the nutrition they get from eating the yolk of their egg before making their way out.

A delicate little fluff ball.

Much like this one was just two weeks ago. This is one of Blackie's chicks, as featured in this post. Feathering out and growing larger, they are becoming very pretty with speckles of grey, black and brown.

And we are very happy to find that they are non-agressive toward the newest chicks and so we have chicks of four different ages all rooming happily together in the brooder.

Another exciting arrival by post were the seeds for the medicinal herb garden. It's getting a bit of a late start but I'm hoping that they can at least get established even if I am not able to harvest anything this year. Most of them are perennials or self-seeding annuals. See my 2012 Planted list on the right to get an idea of the variety to which I look forward.

Kent and I are also trying our hands at growing mushrooms. Kent has selected trees and cut the logs at the right time of year to innoculate with the fungii. He'll be plugging the logs with Shitake, Blue Pearl and Lion's Mane mushrooms but it will be a year before they'll be growing and ready to enjoy. In the meantime, I requested a countertop mushroom patch. Here are the shitake mushrooms that are already starting to grow. This will produce successive harvests of mushrooms over several months. I can't wait to pick the first mushrooms and immediately use them in dinner. How fun will that be!?

And last, but not least, today's mail brought a new queen bee and her attendants for one of Kent's hives. He added her right away. In a couple of weeks he can check to see how she's settling in.

So many new and exciting things we are learning and experiencing!

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