Saturday, October 1, 2011

Where the Ducks Walk on the Fish

We've been having a great visit with my brother, Ken, and sister (in law and heart), Perla. Mostly we've enjoyed visiting and catching up. I've been enjoying my dose of girly-ness which Perla always imparts to me - especially in light of our five months of hard work and grubbing in the garden since our arrival. They even brought me a pretty necklace and earrings and a fabulous purse. Sigh. I finally unpacked my curling iron and put a little curl in my hair.

Anyway, we thought it would be nice to get out for a drive yesterday and opted to take in a tourist stop at Pymatuning Resevoir - known as the place where the "Ducks Walk on the Fish." The upstream side of the spillway is protected from fishing and the carp in there are HUGE. I mean BIG. We're talking ENORMOUS. And with nothing preying on them, they are NUMEROUS.

 Ken and Perla

You can't see the fish here but this is a stretch where people come to feed the fish. And birds gotta eat, too, so they congregate above the water. It makes for a real frenzy.

We only took one loaf of bread - such a tiny drop in such a big "bucket".
Me and big brother, Ken

Look closely and what do you notice about these ducks and assorted water birds? They are all swimming towards me. You see, we fed most of the bread to the fish at the parking lot overlook before deciding to take the walk to the end where the actual spillway is. And this floating armada of ducks followed us all the way there. It was almost creepy.

Me and Perla. I love her smile! 

At the spillway itself, the competition becomes fierce. Some ducks and gulls loiter here but mostly it's the fish. I was amazed at how the gulls could walk around right at the edge without being swept over it. Surely it's slippery and mossy and that's a lot of water volume spilling non-stop. They were as sure-footed as mountain goats on a ledge.

Perla tried to get Ken going  by heading over the railing above the spillway... somehow I was pretty sure she wouldn't do it.

Look at that roiling mass of carp! Incredible... but then throw some bread in and see them really get going...

Fish on fish. A floating island of squirming carp that actually leaves some floundering on top.

It may not be culture or fine art but it is quite a sight. I only wished we'd brought more bread.

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