Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Two Determined People (and One Lazy Dog) Can Accomplish

Here I am, the Queen of Stretch-Wrap, wrapping a pallet of boxes for shipment. Kent and I were very blessed and happy to get an order for parts from Westile. 

However, we don't yet have an actual shop in which to make these parts. Additionally, the weather became cold, windy and rainy. But Kent set us up with a makeshift work area. He put the punchpress in the metal building on some OSB, made a table with sawhorses, stacked pallets along a wall for boxes and set to work cutting parts. He also made me a workstation in the carport with a radiant propane heater, my bending table, and I set up my audiobooks. I spent the Saturday before we dug in cooking all the meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and putting them in the freezer. Then we spent long days for two weeks making the 70,000 parts.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post to bring you a message from our dog, Bear:

To say we felt a sense of accomplishment when the 140 boxes of parts were all secured on the pallets for shipment is a major understatement.

Thank you, Lord,
for providing us with work and
the strength to stick with the task.

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