Saturday, October 29, 2011

Underneath the Paw-Paw Tree

One of our Amish friends was working construction in the Erie area. A paw paw tree was on the property and he brought us some of the fruit. A little reading revealed that the paw paw is native to America.

Clearly we inexpertly cut it up. Fortunately, that didn't affect the fabulous flavor of it. Light yet full-bodied flavor reminiscent of strawberries and cantaloupe with a hint of banana.

The paw paw never has been sold commercially because it doesn't hold or travel well. We're thinking it might be nice to plant a paw paw tree or two.

1 comment:

Karen said...

What a nice friend!

My brother is waiting to get fruit from his Paw Paw. Between the long time it takes to bear fruit, late frosts, and animal damage, he's been waiting for several years.

Thanks for the pictures-I've never even seen Paw Paw fruit before. I'm hoping my brother has enough to share when his tree finally bears fruit. I'd really like to try it!